Delta MEC Directory

Delta MEC Administration
Capt. Bill Bartels Chairman Email
Capt. Ryan Schnitzler Vice-Chairman Email
Capt. Tom Brielmann Secretary Email
Capt. Tom Belll Treasurer Email
Capt. Matt Geddie Executive Administrator Email
Capt. Steve Mayer Executive Administrator Email
Doug Ralph Pilot Director Email
Drew Massey Executive Vice-President Email
MSP Council 1
Jon Lewis Chairman Email
Eric Hall Vice-Chairman Email
Eric Criswell Secretary-Treasurer Email
LAX Council 16
Tim Heck Chairman Email
Dan Riesgo Vice-Chairman Email
Tony Prato Secretary-Treasurer Email
DTW Council 20
Richard Wheeler Chairman Email
Tim Hooey Secretary-Treasurer Email
ATL Council 44
Sam DeRosa Chairman Email
Scott Martin Vice-Chairman Email
Training Council 48
Sam Mason Chairman Email
Busch Voigts Vice-Chairman Email
Keith Costo Secretary-Treasurer Email
SEA Council 54
Capt. Judson Crane Chairman Email
Roger Goodwin Vice-Chairman Email
Drew Osborne Secretary-Treasurer Email
NYC Council 66
Capt. Tom Brielmann Chairman Email
Chris Hazleton Vice-Chairman Email
Tom Kramer Secretary-Treasurer Email
SLC Council 81
Michael Poggi Chairman Email
Nathaniel Brown Vice-Chairman Email
Adam McFarland Secretary-Treasurer Email
CVG Council 108
Capt. Robert (Buzz) Hazzard Chairman Email
Ryan Schnitzler Vice-Chairman Email
John Wolf Secretary-Treasurer Email
MEC Committee Chairmen
Capt. Mark Pinsky Aeromedical Email
Capt. Scott Hammond Central Air Safety Email
Capt. Matt Clark Aviation Security Email
Dave Kirkland CIRP Email
Capt. Dan Koenig CIRP Email
Capt. Chad Smith Communications Email
Capt. Hartley Phinney Contract Administration Email
Capt. Ron Flanders CROT Email
Capt. Kingsley Roberts Delta Pilots Charitable Fund Email
Capt. Scott Monjeau DPAC Email
Vacant Delta Pilots Network
Capt. Chip Taylor Furlough/Emergency Relief Fund Email
Capt. Dino Atsalis Government Affairs Email
Capt. Tom Tinsley Hotel Email
Capt. Ed Thiel IFOT Email
Capt. Silas Hart Information Technology Email
Capt. Ron Flanders Int'l Affairs and Alliances Email
Capt. Ron Flanders Int'l Flying Email
Jenny Winter Investor Relations Email
Capt. Robbie Fernandez Jumpseat Email
Capt. Jason Ambrosi Membership Email
Capt. Steve Uvena Negotiations Email
Adam Zaret PBS Email
Capt. Mark Pinsky Pilot Assistance Network Email
Tom Thornton Professional Standards Email
Capt. Scott Bowles Retirement & Insurance Email
James Dixon Rotation Construction Email
Capt. Bill Kessler Scheduling Email
Brandon Conwill Scope Compliance and Analysis Email
Vacant Strategic Planning
Capt. Monty Montgomery System Board Email
Capt. Eric Schafhauser Training Email

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